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Accounting Services

Your Outsourced Advisory for CFO Consulting, Bookkeeping, Tax, & Payroll -- All in one place!

Small town relationship service from a big picture accounting firm.

Go beyond the day-to-day accounting transactions of your business with Business Partner Plus Packages. 


These packages include a combination of:

  • Executive accounting services

  • Business coaching

  • Reporting and accountability 


Knowing you can tap into monthly coaching or executive financial analysis on a regular basis, can help relieve you of many common business owner concerns.  We can provide the objective analysis and executive-level consultation when you need it.  We are your dedicated business partner. 


Our Business Partner Plus Packages will benefit you if your business is one or any of these:

  • You are a growing business that needs professional bookkeeping advisory catered to your specific needs yet you have a small budget to fill a full-time CFO or bookkeeper position.

  • You are an existing business hoping to replace another accounting/ CFO service but still only need part-time financial advisory and not an in-house full-time CFO.

What are your business's unique needs?

It's no surprise that your company's financial statements look different from other businesses. And, as your business grows and your financial situation changes, it's very likely that you may need accounting services you didn't realize were necessary.


This is the benefit of having Peridot Consulting on your team. We work closely alongside your business operations, as a partner who understands every aspect of planning ahead, keeping you on top of the month-to-month details that way when the time comes, you're prepared for tax season and beyond that, prepared to make complex financial decisions.

As a growing business, you may migrate towards a more curated level of partnership with Peridot Consulting. Our individual services are designed to help implement the unknown factors that arise over time. 

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