Peridot Advisory Services

At Peridot Consulting, we offer the full range of business advisory services:


Do you need a business valuation?
  • Are you merging or selling your business?

  • Dividing or dissolving your business?

  • Transition the business to family or others?

  • Seeking capital to expand?

  • Adding new partners?

  • Considering a buy-in?

  • In financial litigation?

John Michael Kledis, member National Association of Certified Valuators

Certified Business Valuations


Understanding and analyzing the value of your business is an important undertaking. There are various levels of valuation services.  Typically, clients utilize this service when valuing their business for stock purchases (to family or partners) and buy outs or for tax purposes.  Full valuations are more in-depth and utilized in business sale or purchases and stock valuations.
Hiring an experienced business valuation professional will ensure you can stand behind your value.
Certification requires a business degree, proof of prior relevant experience, references, an additional exam, an additional 20 hours of continuing education and submission of full case study. 

Certified Fraud Examination (CFE)

Peridot Consulting provides Certified Fraud Examination services.  We are qualified and experienced in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence.


Whether you need assistance in uncovering fraud or putting fraud prevention practices into place, you have access to experienced professionals.

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, an additional exam is required, 20 additional annual hours of continuing education, a commitment to abide by a code of ethics and maintenance of a clean record are additional requirements. 

John Michael Kledis, member Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
This is the 10 edition of the largest global study on occupational fraud. This report includes data from 125 countries on 2,690 real cases of fraud.
John Michael Kledis, member of National Association of Enrolled Agents

Enrolled Agent


John Michael Kledis, EA, provides Enrolled Agent (EA) services.  An Enrolled Agent designation is important for three main reasons:

  1. They have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers directly before the IRS whereas CPA's can only represent taxpayers up to the state level and 

  2. To become an EA requires either 5 years of work for the IRS or passing a 3 part Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) in addition to passing a background check.

  3. EA designation means you are federally recognized as a tax specialist and is highest credential awarded by the IRS.

It also requires:

  • passing of a mini-audit

  • full tax compliance (no back taxes or late filings)

  • an additional 30 hours of continuing education


At Peridot Consulting we ensure you have the best representation possible.  In addition to accounting services, John Michael Kledis is also an IRS Enrolled Agent.  Such designation brings added advantages to our clients:

  • Limited client privilege and confidentiality under certain conditions

  • A professional with specialization in taxation

  • Ability to directly represent you before the IRS, not just the state.




Melissa Doran, CPA, License #34573 provides the full range of certified public accountant services and is licensed in the State of North Carolina


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