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Camille Stimach

Payroll and Budgeting Consultant

A self-described “credit nerd,” Camille grew up in the Washington D.C area, but has been in Asheville for nearly 20 years. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology but has worked in some form of finance for her whole career. She’s done everything from banking and lending to mortgages and investing and even developed a behavioral financial literacy course for grades K through 12. She finds that her background in psychology helps her to better understand money issues when it comes to resolving client money matters. 


Camille gets to the heart of the issue and dives into the why’s and how’s. She asks questions and listens. She works to understand clients’ financial struggles and helps them to identify behaviors that may be leading to worries about money. She says if clients can fix the root of the problem, the way they view and handle money will change – for the better. 


Today, she’s a financial leader in payroll management and budgeting and designs custom budget plans to help clients obtain financial stability through credit repair, daily money management, debt consolidation and savings plans.


She has two sons and one daughter who keep her busy. She’s also got a little hobby obsession with making terrariums. Perhaps it’s all that green…

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