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How to Utilize our Cloudbase Program
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Welcome to Peridot Consulting's Paperless Accounting System

First of all, we are glad you are here and we can't wait to get you set up in our client portal system called Canopy. Canopy was designed to make your life easier. It's more efficient when tax season arrives, it's great for uploading your personal and/or business accounting documents, and it keeps us very productive.

Security & Privacy. The #1 Reason to Use Your Canopy Client Portal

The main reason we request that our clients utilize this accounting program is that your personal data and identity can be vulnerable when shared outside of this software. In other words, your sensitive information is more secure when directly upload to the client portal.

Let's Get Started!

Two Ways to Use Canopy:

1. Your Desktop Computer
2. Your Mobile Device
Follow these steps to start using your Canopy Client Portal App
with Peridot Consulting:

We sent you an invite via email to join the Canopy Client Portal. Upon receiving this email, you will need to create a Canopy account. To get started, click Create Account in the email invitation from us at Peridot Consulting, Inc.

4. Log into your client portal on the desktop Canopy Website.

5. Click on your Profile name in the bottom left.

6. Click User settings on the popout menu.

7. Update the information in any of the provided fields.

8. For added account security, check the Two Factor Authentication box.

9. Click Save Changes.

1. Fill out the required information: 


2. Click the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


3. Navigate to the Client Portal app on your device and enter your login credentials.

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