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Sharon Schott

Quickbooks and Bookkeeping Manager

Sharon came to Peridot with a history of small business entrepreneurship under her belt. As the original founder of Tupelo Honey Café, a successful southern-inspired restaurant, she taught herself how to manage the books and do her own accounting. When she sold the restaurant, she wanted to share what she had learned with other small businesses and started a consulting business of her own. Then COVID hit. She quickly landed a job as a bookkeeper for QuickBooks and learned the software from the inside out. 

Now, through her role as Peridot Consulting’s Bookkeeping Manager, she is able to share what she learned behind the scenes and teaches clients how to navigate the software so they get the most out of it. From making business projections to seeing the business in real-time to tax prep for end-of-year financial summaries, Sharon loves to see clients' “lightbulbs go off.” Giving them that “aha” moment and empowering them to take financial control is really her passion. 

And, as a previous small business owner, she can easily relate to other small businesses and help them to identify and solve financial problems – from big to small. She speaks in layman’s terms and helps to eliminate feelings of financial trepidation or intimidation. 

Although Sharon has had a little bit of a nomadic journey, she truly feels that Asheville is home. When Sharon is not crunching numbers, she loves taking hikes with her dog and enjoying the mountains that surround this innovative mountain town. 

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