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Professional Skill Building Presentations

Leadership Series

Presentations are led by Bill Kelley, former Executive Director of Operations at Grove Park Inn. Bill has 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, is a Navy veteran, business owner and is published author.  Get to know more about Bill here.


Bill Kelley

More about Leadership Series:

Develop your team by developing yourself.  Invest in your future by investing in theirs.  Managers manage but leaders take their team to a new place - a better place by uplifting them and helping each member identify their core strengths and improving them.  This series of presentations is meant for leaders at all levels of an organization, whether department leader or Executive leadership, you will change how you look at your team and yourself.

Coach vs. Boss

Managers play a huge role in your employees’ daily experience and engagement level. So, doesn't it make sense people require the kind of leader who will lift them up, day in and day out? To give them a coach, not a boss -- one who is hired for their innate leadership qualities and not promoted solely based on time served?

Most employees want to improve their standing in life. They want to be surrounded by leaders who can help them achieve the status they believe they deserve. One way that managers can improve people's status is to help them discover and become known for what they're good at. Employees are twice as likely to be engaged at work if they have a manager who focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics.

If you're a manager (and want to become a leader), you can start by attending the PROFESSIONAL SKILL BUILDER LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PRESENTATIONS, that guides you in creating opportunities for meaningful growth for your team members, and by recognizing people authentically based on their strengths and giving them the freedom to do what they do best every day.


  • Leadership Verses Management: The leadership style that is more motivating.

  • Time Management (Yourself)

  • Improving Communication                                  

  • Handling Problems & Conflict                              

  • Conducting Orientation and on Boarding Training 

  • Motivation & Team Building                                 

  • Staffing & Scheduling                                           

  • Improving Employee Performance and Talent Management

  • More Than a Gut Feeling (interviewing)

  • Employee Accident Investigation

  • Principals of Risk Management

  • The Science of Customer Service

  • The importance of Culture and it’s relation to Brand Identity

  • Development verses Training

  • Working Smarter Verses Harder Through Process Management

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