Peridot Consulting Asheville Accounting
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Peridot Consulting, Inc.

60 N. Market Street

Asheville, NC 28801


633 Merrimon Ave., Suite B

Asheville NC 28804

A New Paradigm

The principals of Peridot Consulting, Inc. have combined 30+ years of experience in tax and accounting services.  Peridot Consulting was developed from their prior experience in the traditional accounting firm model.  Combining the best elements of the traditional with a new paradigm, Peridot Consulting combines efficiency and accessibility to deliver premier accounting services - one that is adaptable for our clients and focused on their needs. 
Our guiding principles are:
  • Accessibility - The partner you sign up with is the partner working on your behalf.  We provide direct access by phone and in person, never to an associate.
  • Cloud Based & Paperless - When you need your files and returns quickly, we can provide them because we offer free online cloud storage, a client portal and paperless documents on demand.
  • Flat Fee Billing - Many of the accounting services we provide are based on flat fee billing rather than hourly.  
  • Open communication - As a client, we want to be an asset to you, not a liability. Rather than phone calls costing you money, we encourage phone calls for those quick questions or concerns.  
  • Like the Peridot gemstone, we work to emanate prosperity and happiness in our client relationship.
How we work:
It is important we get a good sense of your needs and for that reason, we do not charge for initial consultations.  We prefer to visit your place of business to help us in furthering our understanding.  
In most cases we are able to provide a recommended plan based on a flat fee.  There are situations and circumstances where we cannot and will let you know when we recommend hourly billing.  

The Peridot Team