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Improving Your Business

with Peridot's INDEPTH Business Roundtable Series


Part of our ongoing commitment to helping business owners understand various aspects of their business

The structural integrity of your business relies on UNDERSTANDING what common mistakes to avoid as an owner, so we designed the Business Roundtable Series as an alternative approach to helping you better understand ALL of the different aspects to the foundation of your business. You will leave this series feeling empowered and confident because you will have an improved grasp on your business plan with a clearer vision of the direction you are headed.

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Welcome to Business Roundtable

John Michael Kledis and Bill Kelley understand the complexities, concerns, and issues of operating a business. They have designed this series out of their over 45+ years of combined experience and wisdom.
ABOUT Business Roundtable
The purpose of this series is to offer you a broader understanding of your business beyond accounting. Business Roundtable is an intensely strategic, focused series geared toward helping business owners hone in and strengthen the four cornerstones of their business, especially post COVID. Our goal is to help you develop the right path to success. The Business Rountable Series is 3 days, a total of 12 hours, of guidance, education, and direction for how to avoid making costly mistakes down the road. 
The Main Objective of Business Roundtable:
John Michael and Bill will help you clearly analyze the structural foundation of your business to figure out where you are falling short and what needs improvement. Including leadership, financial matters, standard management and fundamental marketing. The goal is to shed light on elements of business you may not be aware of or haven't experienced yet
What's the RESULT? 

Participating members will feel empowered and confident, knowing they have been given the appropriate guidance from Peridot's business experts to stay on track. Much of your anxiety will be relieved because this new approach to your business will be more defined and strengthened through the support of John Michael and Bill Kelley giving you the preparedness you need going forward.

Business Consulting and roundtable

Can you identify with these situations?

  • Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a business expert to sort through the unknown issues you haven't experienced yet?

  • Do you feel like something is missing from your business?

  • Are you confused about where you stand financially?

  • Does the thought of bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll stress you out?

  • Are you unable to resolve employee conflicts?

  • Are you tired of hiring the wrong people?

  • Are you at a loss for how to generate more sales from your targeting your audience?

  • Do you want to expand you leadership skills?

Untitled design - 2021-06-17T160107.997.png
If you identify with any of these statements, then join us for our next Business Roundtable Series!
Are you ready to take charge of your business?

Pick your

The Roundtable Series Layout:
  • 3 sessions, 3 days

  • Each session is 3 - 4 hours in length

  • Each session will be 3 - 6 participants

*Dates and times will depend upon participating member requests. 

Session 1 Sept. 1st - 3rd, 1-5pm

Session 2 Mid to late September

Session 3 Early to mid October 

Invest in Your Business

Cost of Series: $750


  1. Full Session, venue, refreshments

  2. Site visit where appropriate

  3. 4 quarterly follow up meetings

(Don't let the cost deter you from signing up, please Inquire about available Scholarships and payment options)

Meet your Business Roundtable
Consulting & Development Experts!

Together, John Michael and Bill, provide collaborative support and resources to business owners.


Strengthen Your Business Cornerstones

  From healthy financial accounting to leadership, management and marketing, we provide member support and training through our Business Development Group, Peridot Consulting

Our goal is to see participants succeed by getting the business support they long for. Are you ready to be on the receiving end of business success? Well, let's go!
Business Consulting

John Michael Kledis, EA, CFE, CVA brings over 19+ years of tax and business experience, working with a broad range of business owners and nonprofits of all sizes and complexities.  From business valuations to the intricacies of fraud prevention and identification, he understands the importance of financial review and analysis and helps other business owners and upper management gain insight into their financial operations to make every day and significant decisions to improve their results.


Bill Kelley, CHS, CPO, Senior Executive brings an additional 40+ years of extensive experience developing, implementing and managing leadership, property management and development strategy while maximizing productivity, increasing revenue and lowering operating cost.  For 20 years he led performance, management, leadership and customer service as Executive Director of Operations for the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, a world-class four-star hospitality organization.  Bill understands the importance of leadership development and operational efficiencies.  

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