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Are you ready to have fun paving your way to business success John Michael and Bill?
John Michael Kledis and Bill Kelley understand the complexities, concerns and issues of operating a business.  From healthy financial accounting to leadership, management and marketing, we provide client support and training through our Business Development Group, Peridot Business LLC

Our mission is to see clients succeed by getting the business support they need. Are you ready to be on the receiving end of business success? Well, let's go!

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Welcome to Business Roundtable

There's an enjoyable, fun way to better understand how to run your business, how to innovate your business and take control like never before. It takes innovation, a little bit of logic and two business experts who not only have over 40 years of experience and wisdom but the integrity and foresight to get you on the right path to success.
Many of our clients are owners, managers and leaders of their organizations or new to their organization.  While you may have obtained education in the 4 pillars of business operations in the past or as part of your formal education, today's businesses need ongoing education and training as technology advances and businesses must respond rapidly to an ever-changing business environment.
As part of the strategic partnership with Peridot Consulting, Inc., the Peridot Business Roundtable is a specialized program designed specifically for business owners, upper managementand professionals providing 360° support, advisory, training and coaching in Finance, Management/Operations and Marketing.


By providing a 360 approach addressing all facets of business, we help them compete in the market place.​
Business Consulting and roundtable

Tired of being this person?

  • Are you often overwhelmed with the accounting and bookkeeping for your business?

  • Are you confused about where you stand financially?

  • Are you having trouble tracking cash flow?

  • Do you have difficulty keeping up with payroll?

  • Does the thought of payroll stress you out?

  • Are you unable to resolve employee conflicts?

  • Are you tired of hiring the wrong people?

  • Are you at a loss for generating more sales and targeting your audience?

If you identify with any of these statements, then join us for our next Business Roundtable Series!
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Meet your
Business Consulting & Development Experts!

Together, John Michael and Bill, provide collaborative support and resources to business owners.

John Michael Kledis, EA, CFE, CVA brings over 16 years of tax and business experience, working with a broad range of business owners and nonprofits of all sizes and complexities.  From business valuations to the intricacies of fraud prevention and identification, he understands the importance of financial review and analysis and helps other business owners and upper management gain insight into their financial operations to make every day and significant decisions to improve their results.


Bill Kelley, CHS, CPO, Senior Executive brings an additional 40+ years of extensive experience developing, implementing and managing leadership, property management and development strategy while maximizing productivity, increasing revenue and lowering operating cost.  For 20 years he led performance, management, leadership and customer service as Executive Director of Operations for the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, a world-class four-star hospitality organization.  Bill understands the importance of leadership development and operational efficiencies.