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16 Reasons Why Peridot Consulting is Right For You

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

With many new folks moving to Asheville in 2020, we are asking the question; “who is helping you with your taxes or financial management?” Have you hired someone local who can help with tax matters such as multiple state tax codes? Peridot’s approach is to provide expert services utilizing modern day, cloud-based systems and structure resulting in a client relationship built on trust and dependability.

Peridot Consulting is improving the accounting firm-client relationship by delivering an expert point of view for all your accounting needs. Motivated by our core values of empathy and integrity, we strive to serve and inform clients of all the facts to result in success and prosperity. You will find that this new paradigm of accounting services provides a more dependable, transparent style of partnership for clients rather than the stressful structure of the antiquated firms of the past.

With a vision that relationships matter, the backbone of this firm is deep-rooted in values such as empathy, integrity, passion and a realistic ideology. We are here to teach and inform clients of the "why’s" -- empowering them to make informed decisions.

As the Peridot firm grows, so does its list of strengths. Whether you’re searching for assistance with business financial planning or individual accounting and bookkeeping, Peridot Consultants pride themselves on being accessible and loyal to your specific needs.

When you hire Peridot Consulting, you hire:

  1. Experience - Collectively, Peridot Consulting has decades of experience in dealing with complicated and complex accounting situations. Whether you need tax, payroll, cash flow or QuickBooks help, our consultants are highly skilled to solve your problems.

  2. Multiple state tax code knowledge - With so many new residents flocking to Asheville in 2020, it’s important to understand that the tax experts at Peridot are trained in multiple state tax codes. If you are filing state taxes in another state other than North Carolina, for example, New York or California, Peridot Consulting can assure you that your taxes will be filing correctly and on time!

  3. Accessibility - How accessible are the consultants? Pick up the phone and call them. Open your computer and email them. They will answer your questions pronto!

  4. Motivation - Accounting and bookkeeping isn’t just a profession for the Peridot Consultants, they genuinely care about resolving your issues and are passionate about getting to the root of any problem.

  5. Cloud/Online/Portal - Remote access is important, especially today with clients working from home or in multiple states. The cloud-based software Peridot uses makes it simple for you to access and update your current financial information. It is also secure.

  6. Personal Touch - Deep-rooted knowledge, loyalty, accessibility and honesty are the values driving the Peridot client relationships. When you hire Peridot Consulting to help solve your financial issues, you’re also acquiring a professional-based relationship.

  7. Easy to use payroll software - Is your business struggling to keep up with payroll? Peridot has solutions and will partner with you removing the stress and frustration.

  8. Floating professionals with individual service - Peridot Consulting clients are viewed as individuals with unique accounting needs. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all solution, Peridot applies custom solutions.

  9. Flat fee/Quote base - Transparent billing. Instead of a time-based fee structure that is unpredictable and variable, Peridot’s fees are quote-based, meaning we quote upfront so you know what to expect without the surprise of the monthly costs.

  10. Trusted Advisory - CFO Services (2020) - Full Service - Having a trusted advisor such as Peridot means complete transparency, honesty no matter how frustrating or difficult a problem. You can trust that Peridot will give you the most educated and fact-based solutions to any issue. Peridot Consulting’s Full-service financial partnership means you receive a multi-faceted perspective projected for success on every level.

  11. Loyalty bond - From the moment of your first conversation with Peridot, you’ll immediately understand that there is a deep sense of loyalty and security in meeting your expectations.

  12. Flexibility to customer service for the client (specific needs) - Even when unplanned events happen, such a COVID19, you’ll find that the Peridot Consultants are empathetic and understanding for any difficult situation that may arise.

  13. Niche service (budgeting) - Although this cloud-based, modern style of accounting is a growing paradigm in major cities, in Western North Carolina, it is uncommon to find an accounting firm as accessible, flexible and loyal as Peridot Consulting.

  14. Over 25+ years of budgeting experience (budgeting) - Our budgeting expert, Camille Stimach, is passionate and excited to help teach you new ways of viewing + understand spending habits. Spending habits go hand-in-hand with understand how to budget your money. Camille will guide you to having a better handle on this for your household or business.

  15. Administrative Support (2020) - For small businesses, our dedicated business partner plans to remove the administrative overload business owners face every year.

  16. Short Cycle Time for Onboarding New Clients/Work (2020) - With tools literally at our fingertips, the amount of time it takes to get a client onboarded and moving forward with solving issues is much quicker than with antiquated financial firms of the past.

So, whether you are new to the area and need assistance from a local, expert financial team or you own a business and work remotely, Peridot Consulting will provide assistance and answers to all of it. Business or individual tax structure, prioritizing financial, cash flow projections, and budgeting are just a few of the ways our consultants will provide service to fit your needs.

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