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by Bill Kelley, Peridot Business Group LLC and Business Efficiency Leader

As you enjoy your Labor Day, here's a different way of thinking about your business and work:

The only thing more important than your 'to do' list is your 'to be' list. The only thing more important than your to be list is to be.

96% of business problems are system (process) problems not people. (Alan Cohen, author)
Problems need to be solved and may need constant attention not just ticked off from a to do list. (Edward Denning, the Father of the Quality Evolution)

Who do I need to become to get all that I want (need) in my business life.

First, focus on WHO I AM, not WHAT I DO.

I Want to Be (examples):

*A Leader (leader takes people to a better place) vs. a manager

*Focus on Fact Finding vs. Fault Finding

*Be a people developer

*Be focused on solutions with a first things first approach.

Second, ask yourself, What do I need to do in order to be? These are your actionable items.

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