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How Can the Money Track Services at Peridot Consulting Help You?

How many of you can say you were taught at a young age how to budget your income and save a percentage of each paycheck? Very few of us can say we were shown and taught how to manage our finances. Many of us don’t even know what financial freedom is. This discussion is about everything from budgeting to spending to allocating it in different directions and saving.

Peridot Consulting is determined to help people manage their finances better than they ever have before. How do we do it? Well, for one, we ask the hard questions then, we start with the four Golden Rules:

  1. Work towards eliminating bad debt (not including homes or cars) This mostly is referring to high-interest rate loans and credit cards.

  2. Have a goal to achieve 3-6months of savings in a savings account.

  3. Establish retirement savings through a set IRA or 401K plan.

  4. Pay your bills on time and keep them current.

What is Money Track with Peridot?

How Can Peridot help you? We’ve designed a Money Track program to help you with all of these difficult concepts. Everyone has a different financial situation so, we’ll help coach you in a variety of ways beginning with an analysis of your financial situation, everything from debt, to monthly income to savings and spending behaviors.

  • What is it you must have versus the things you want. What are your priorities?

  • Let’s look at your bad debt.

  • Are you willing to try a new way plan for spending?

What does Money Track help you with?

When you sign up for money track services, here’s what we help you with:

  • Organize your finances

  • Advice on credit repair

  • Assist with budgeting

  • Assist with goal setting and future planning

  • Daily Money Management

  • Debt consolidation

  • Creating a savings plan

Through these steps:

  1. We define your money path. We set goals and priorities

  2. Credit repair. This is a process and sometimes a painful one but you will survive! We also show you how to deal with creditors.

  3. Debt consolidation. Let’s simplify what you owe through responsibility and accountability.

  4. Everybody has a different situation, we work hard at creating and designing a customized budget for you.

  5. Time management. We know it’s difficult and it seems easier to ignore what your financial situation is but, in the long run, stress comes from ignoring the problem. Let’s plan and carve out time to manage outlined goals and priorities.

  6. Peridot will put budgeting and filing systems in place. This is what Money Track does for you. This way each month, you can look forward to an easier way of paying bills.

So, who’s ready to get started? Looking for the right team to help you manage you financial situation? We can make it easier and more efficient. Contact us today!

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