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Let’s Get Started! 2020 Year-End Tax Planning

Can you believe 2020 is almost gone? Most of us are relieved but, for Peridot Consulting, Inc., it means we work hard every day to help you with your year-end projections to make sure you are ready for the 2021 tax season. Want to make life easier for next year? Let’s get started.

Overall End of Year Tax Planning

Contact us to get started on year-end tax projections. Let’s set up a quick 15-minute phone call to make sure you are on track.

Here is what may need to get started:

  • YTD Income

  • Latest pay stub

  • Estimated tax payments made

  • Other income items to date

  • Bookkeeping for any owned business

CONTACT US with any questions!

Call us (828) 242-6971

Email: peridot@peridotconsultinginc.com

Here’s what you can do to jumpstart that year-end planning for both business and individual:

For Individuals:

  1. Tax Organizer (2019) The 2020 pdf version is coming soon!

  2. Upon request, Peridot Consulting clients can receive an online digital copy of their detailed tax organizer

For Businesses:

  1. Be sure to update any bookkeeping (i.e. Quickbooks)

  2. Be sure payroll items are ready to go. For example, W-2’s and 1099’s ready to be sent out

  3. Year-end inventory is in order

  4. Accounts receivable is up to date

  5. Any reconciliation bookkeeping is in order

  6. Update any depreciation schedules

Also for Businesses by January 31st:

  1. 1099’s are ready. Here is a direct link to the IRS regarding details about who is 1099

  2. W-2s are sent out by 1/31/2021

  3. County business listing forms are complete

Any further information or questions regarding PPP loans, stimulus packages, SBA, etc… Please contact the Peridot Consultanting team directly.


Please make an appointment with John Michael Kledis.

(828) 242-6971


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