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One-Stop-Shop Accounting Services at Peridot

Peridot is a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses that need full tax services, payroll services, CPA and bookkeeping services, business valuations, fraud examinations, and everything in between. Here is a more detailed list of all the “One Stop Shop Accounting Services” that Peridot provides for clients:

Tax Services

Peridot has over 40 years of combined experience in tax preparation, tax representation, tax resolution, estate and trust accounting, corporate, sales and use tax, nonprofit tax services, and tax consulting. The President of Peridot Consulting, John Michael Kledis, is a designated Enrolled Agent which is the highest designation given by the IRS. This allows for direct representation to the IRS. Both CPAs, Melissa Doran and Barney Holtzman can also represent you in IRS matters. Many new small businesses were launched in 2020 requiring new considerations in tax planning and preparation. Peridot’s tax services can provide relief for new companies to help guide them in the right direction with their tax needs.

Go to our Tax Services page to learn more about the full spectrum of tax planning and preparation we provide. Or you can contact us directly, anytime.

Financial Coaching

Peridot offers Moneytrack Services which include organizing your finances, advice on credit repair, assistance with budgeting, assistance with goal setting and future planning, daily money management, debt consolidation, and creating a savings plan. Camille Stimach has 25 years of experience in the financial world and is dedicated to getting your finances on the right track. For example, if you are a college graduate with student loans, Camille can assist you with setting up a plan to guide you in getting your loans paid off in the best way possible.

Go to our Financial Planning and Coaching Services page to read more about how our services can benefit you.

Business Partner Packages

Peridot provides the option for businesses to purchase the Business Partner Packages. These packages include a combination of accounting services, coaching, reporting, and much more. There is the essential package, preferred package, and ultimate package. These packages give clients the option to get several financial services in one package so they can have time to focus on their actual business. For example, if your company only needs help with month-end close, financial statements, and monthly CFO meetings then the essential package is perfect for you.

Read through the extensive list of services we provide through our Business Partner Packages here.

Payroll Services

Payroll services include monthly, bi-weekly, weekly payroll, W-2 issue and filing, employer tax payments and filings, and payroll compliance. The advantage of using Peridot’s Payroll Services is that you do not have to worry about missing a deadline and getting an unnecessary fine. For example, your business is growing exponentially and you can not keep up with your payroll system. Peridot can step in and alleviate that stress. Peridot has a client portal, turnkey system, paperless statements, direct deposit, and employee access to paystubs. These features allow a company to focus on their business and not on their payroll and bookkeeping.

No matter how challenging your business payroll is for you, check out our Payroll Services page.

Fraud Examinations

Peridot consulting provides fraud examination services which include fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. Peridot is experienced and qualified for uncovering fraud and putting fraud prevention in place. If you are a company that is worried or suspicious that fraud may be happening within your business then getting a fraud examination is essential. Doing a fraud examination allows us to see if there is something internally that's askew and how to fix it and prevent it.

Ready to protect your business from being a victim of fraud? Check out how we are 100% qualified to steer you in the right direction here on our Fraud Examinations page.

Business Valuations

Peridot is certified in business valuations which will help you understand your business’s worth. Here is a list of reasons your business might need a valuation: Merging or selling your business, dividing or dissolving your business, transitioning the business to family or others, seeking capital to expand, adding new partners, considering a buy-in, or in financial litigation.

A great example of a business valuation is Wicked Weed being bought out by Anheuser-Busch in 2017. For Wicked Weed to figure out their companies worth, they had to do an intensive business valuation of their company. This business valuation allowed Wicked Weed to know exactly their company's economic value and what Anheuser-Busch could buy them for.

Let's discover your worth! See more here on the Business Valuation page.

Peridot Certifications

Peridot provides these advisory services: Business consulting, CFO services, bookkeeping and payroll, QuickBooks online pro-advisor, accounting system analysis, business valuation services, fraud examination services, and tax representation. These services are able to be provided because of all the certifications that Peridot obtains.

Here is a list of these certifications:

  • Certified Business Valuation

  • Enrolled Agent

  • certified fraud examiner

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Chartered Global Management Accountant

Becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA) is an intensive process. You have to work for five years for the IRS or pass a three-part Special Enrollment Exam. The great thing about an EA is they can represent clients in all 50 states while a CPA can only represent a client in the state they are licensed in.

Read more about our Certifications and Advisory qualifications here.

Business Roundtables

Business Roundtables allow Bill Kelley and John Michael Kledis to sit down with various small business owners and discuss their biggest problems and challenges. The main goal of these meetings is to provide a company with support and resources. Some of the topics discussed but are not limited to are human capital, finance and accounting, innovation, and marketing. The business roundtables are offered monthly for six months or a six-week intensive program. These meetings are a great space for companies to speak freely to improve their company as a whole.

Ready to take your business from "Good" to "Great?" Sign up for our first Business Roundtable Series beginning in August.

Financial Advisory and Planning

Peridot also has a great partnership with Peridot Financial Inc. The services that Peridot Financial Inc. offers are business planning, college planning, estate planning strategies, financial planning, and financial reviews. If you are someone who is interested in going to college then it would be a great idea to look into getting financial advice from Peridot Financial. This allows you to be prepared for financial decisions in the future. Contact Peridot Financial Inc. at or (828) 242-0479 for further questions about their services.

Please email or call us for more information or with any questions at (828) 419-7170, We look forward to becoming a financial partner with you!

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