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Peridot Connects: Meet the Consultants! Introducing, Camille Stimach

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Here at Peridot Consulting, we work very hard around the clock to maintain great relationships with our clients. Everything from bookkeeping, accounting, filing taxes, budget coaching and business leadership/development, we are all determined to problem-solve and be the financial leaders for Asheville. Because we’re all extremely grateful for our clients, we thought it would be nice to share with you - who we are. We’d like to connect with you about what do we enjoy doing in our free time, what we are doing for clients and a little bit about us personally.

In other words, we'd like for you to “Meet the Consultants!" This is our way of connecting with you, share the work we are doing for our clients and thought it would be fun to tell you a little more about who we are. What are our work challenges? What advice are we currently giving to clients?

Each team member brings unique experience, rich knowledge and detailed service to our company that is highly valuable, so we’re sharing with you how we do it and why we do it. First up, meet our budget and debt consolidation specialist, Camille Stimach.

Camille Stimach

Camille Stimach is first and foremost a financial leader who assists clients in fulfilling financial stability by helping them see the benefit of organizing their finances, creating better spending habits and repairing their credit. She is a budgeting consultant and expert money management specialist. Throughout the years, Camille has worked in all areas of the financial sector ranging from banking, investing, bookkeeping, mortgages and has performed financial workshops for various non-profit organizations.

Fast forward to 2020, what exactly is Camille helping clients with right now?

Well, because of the current state of affairs across the world, just like everyone else, Camille is being challenged with working from home where she is a full-time mother to two teenage boys and an 18-month baby girl. Camille is up for the challenge but it really only allows her a few hours in the day (understandably) to dive into consulting. And like all moms, she is a super-power, so when it comes to being there for her clients, Camille is behind the desk getting the job done.

Currently, Camille is helping clients understand their spending behaviors, advising them on setting budgeting goals, understand how to pay off credit properly without going into further debt, especially in this economic conundrum we all find ourselves in.

Camille is big on spending behavior. She genuinely cares about how people are spending their incomes and how they perceive the value of money in general. She has a background of interest in Psychology which often plays into her love for this profession when dealing with human trends, behaviors and patterns.

What challenges is Camille facing right now in her role at Peridot?

Camille finds that it is her biggest goal to get everyone, in each household, on the same page when it comes to spending patterns. Camille is someone who will hold you accountable for your income and how it is allocated for budgeting. She is well aware of how painfully difficult this task is for so many people but she is determined to help people see and think about money in a different way. For Camille, it’s about setting financial intentions and becoming mindful of spending money.

Think of her as a team cheerleader. She is passionate about encouraging people to think in a different direction. There’s a certain mindset to all this financial behavior and it’s been challenging for her to persuade folks to think on the same page.

When it comes to budgeting, spending and saving - it’s really all just black and white. It’s a fact-based problem with fact-based solutions and Camille does her best at coaching everyone into understanding that.

What’s the most important part of Camille’s routine?

Right now? It’s staying in touch with clients, giving them the support and knowledge they need to get through this challenging time. This also is important when it comes to holding people accountable for their actions with spending and saving.

Connecting with clients, giving them advice and support for everything they need is crucial to her daily routine. Camille is grateful for the technology that allows her to do this job from her home.

What’s the most common question you are being asked by clients?

Understandably, right now, people are overwhelmed. The uncertainty of our economic climate is highly stressful and everyone is experiencing an unfamiliar level of anxiety about their finances. Camille is commonly asked, “How do I save more money?” or “How do I get out of debt?”

The short answer? There are no quick solutions. For Camille, it is a process. A process she can confidently help you with. When it comes to having high expectations and wanting quick resolutions, it’s a challenge because situations like this require long term financial plans and well-established goals. The important thing to know about all this is - it’s doable!

How does Camille balance life and work?

For Camille, it takes setting herself up for success every day by making a ‘to-do’ list for both her personal and business tasks. Working from home, juggling little humans is time-consuming, but she has a very specific way of accomplishing it successfully. Camille has implemented a structured routine with naps, mealtime and carving out business hours that way her days are efficient and everyone in the household knows what to expect on any given day.

What do you love most about your work?

Connecting the dots for people in a financial crisis or for folks who are at a loss with their finances. It's what drives her to keep doing what she is doing. Camille enjoys witnessing clients who have lightbulb moments, experiencing clients who get what she is saying to them and recommending them. She understands what an honor and a fulfilling privilege it is getting to help those who have been at a loss and to see their stress and anxiety come to ease - it is always such a joy.

What led you down the path to this profession?

Camille was raised in the arena of numbers and math equations. It runs in her family. Her father, who worked as the CFO for the AARP, was an accomplished numbers man himself passing along to her the passion and love for this sort of profession. With an undergrad in psychology combined with her love for math and spreadsheets, it seems as though Camille was destined to become a leader in the world of financial coaching.

Through the years, Camille has gained the skills and earned endorsements for being a financial leader. Her work experience and volunteering have also contributed to her success in doing what she loves which is teaching people how to gain control over their finances.

Do you think you are making a difference in the world?

Yes, absolutely. Out of control spending and mounds of debt doesn’t feel good to anybody. Being empowered to take back control is a beautiful thing to witness in people.

Choose another Peridot Consultant and give them a compliment. What do you acknowledge other consultants doing?

Barney Holtzmann. Barney, who just recently in January 2020, joined our team has without reservation taken on all tasks thrown at him, picked up where the others couldn’t reach and has just run with it. He has been a huge asset to our team and it is such an honor to have him with us. His willingness to just dive in and go wherever he is needed has been a breath of fresh air.

What advice would you give to anyone struggling with their finances right now?

The biggest thing Camille would like to communicate to everyone is - DO NOT be ashamed or afraid to ask for financial help. Finances are challenging for the majority of society, so no matter how big or small your questions are, reach out and ask for help!

Just like with many other aspects of our lives, there seems to be an underlying shame for those who can’t get control of their finances. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. We live in a huge modern era that expects a lot from us, pulls at us from all different angles, so the umbrella stigma that it is ‘shameful’ to ask for help must be dissolved.

How do you spend your free time?

Ha! When you’re a momma of an 18-month old, that is your free time. We play together, go for walks together, go to the playground, you know - all the ‘normal’ momma-baby stuff.

Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about Camille.

Hmm, I can’t think of a single thing. And that is ok.

Well, that’s it for Camille. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about her. Next up? Who is Bill Kelley? Bill is an accomplished business leader and development coach who loves working at Peridot and enjoys having the opportunity to guide clients to success through different entrepreneurial paths.

If you are in need of financial support or have any questions for Camille, here’s where you can find her:

(828) 319-7830

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