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Peridot Consulting From a Client’s Perspective

Updated: May 11, 2021

Are you or someone you know new to Asheville or have you recently started your own business? With so many new folks moving to Asheville and, fortunately, new businesses opening up, we’d like to share with you a discussion we recently had with one of our clients about what their experience has been working with our team.

We know that deciding on an accounting firm is a difficult decision, so we hope this speaks to anyone seeking a new, more modern approach to handling financial matters such as business payroll, taxes, or any other financial obligation you may have.

The Client's Perspective

How long have you been working with Peridot Consulting?

About two years.

Which consultants do you typically work with?

John Michael Kledis and Camille Stimach

What types of services do you rely on from Peridot Consulting?

They help us with both personal and business taxes, business payroll, and now reconciliation.

Do they meet your expectations?

They help us with so many things. They have more than met my expectations.

Explain in your own words your overall experience with the consultants? Is there anything that has surprised you?

I had an experience with another local accountant that made me feel like it might just be easier to do everything on my own.

John Michael and Team simplify processes - everything is client-friendly! I started with payroll, then added business taxes, then personal taxes, and now they manage my account reconciliation for me monthly so I don’t have to.

John Michael makes taxes effortless - he’s always available to help with ideas - even last week he sent me a link to read about a grant specific to my industry.

Camille is incredible as well. She’s so efficient and makes fantastic recommendations.

We recently added on workers comp insurance through their payroll that charges based on actual payroll so it’s always correct and by pay period without having to deal with annual audits.

The team is so friendly and intelligent and easy to work with. I’m thrilled to be doing business with them.

On a scale from 1 to 10, (1 = unreliable to 10 = beats expectations) what would you rate the consultants?


How likely are you to recommend Peridot Consulting to a business owner or friend?

100% - I have already recommended them to many friends and business owners because they are the absolute best!

Do you need financial guidance and/or advisory?

Whether you are a new (or established) business owner seeking help with setting yourself up for financial success or your family is new to our area and simply needs a trusted financial advisor, the consultants at our firm are ready to roll up our sleeves and guide you through any money matters you may have. Contact us today and let's get started! Email us at

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