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Peridot for All: Quick Professional Q&A Accounting Assistance for Everyone

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Our future is bright, let’s get prepared! Things will begin to look up and we will re-open our businesses and put our lives back in order. This is a temporary situation, so let’s start planning a promising future. One of the best things about living in Western North Carolina is the outpouring of community support through good times and difficult times. History shows that when our mountain communities rally together, we flourish and thrive beyond our wildest expectations because of the strong, local leadership programs always pivoting us toward success.

Too many small business owners and workers in the Asheville area are being directly affected by the economic downturn from the unfortunate coronavirus event. There are fruitful days ahead of us, so Peridot Consulting wants to be a part of the rebuild and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

​Beginning April 13th, 2020, as a free service to anyone who needs, all of the consultants at Peridot will allow anyone to ask a question or voice a concern with any of their personal or business finances. Each consultant has set aside 15-minute increment time blocks to stop what they are doing and help answers burning questions for anyone who needs it.

How can Peridot help you during this time? Do you have questions about whether or not you should be filing for one of these SBA low-interest disaster relief loans? Or, do you have questions regarding your business debts and budgeting goals, reassessing your business worth, setting financial goals or strategy and business development? The Peridot firm has someone for you to talk to.

Each consultant identifies with a different area of expertise to accommodate a broad range of questions. With so many uncertainties to be considered, there are a lot of unanswered questions and many business owners and individuals don't know who to turn to. This is why Peridot Financial Consulting is offering this small giveback program, to contribute in some way to the rebuilding of our Asheville community of small businesses and employees that are in need of guidance and support.

Here are 4 ways Peridot can be of service to you and your company:

1. Applying assistance for SBA loans with Barney Holtzmann, CPA

Wondering how or if you should apply for one of the many SBA disaster relief loans being offered at state, local and federal levels? Ask Barney Holtzman. Are you uncertain about which loan to apply for? Want to know if you can apply for more than one loan or grant? As CFO of Peridot, Barney Holtzmann, CPA is the guy to ask.

2. Talk management, leadership and business development with Bill Kelley, CHS, CPO

Brainstorm or rethink your company's strategy and management with Bill Kelley. Wonder if there are any hidden business opportunities to grow your brand? Bill has years of leadership and business development experience and he would be happy to speak about the ways your business can thrive beyond this time.

3. Ask about debt consolidation, savings and financial budgeting with Camille Stimach

After more than 25 years of financial planning, Camille is a rock star at budgeting, money management and assisting with setting money goals for the future. If you're struggling with where to begin, schedule a few minutes with Camille and she will give the confidence it takes to get the ball rolling.

4. Have a looming tax question or want to evaluate your business worth with John Michael Kledis, EA, CFE, CVA and Melissa Doran, CPA?

The tax deadline has been delayed from April 15 to July 15 which means many people will have more time to put together their financials for filing to the IRS. Melissa and John Michael are both very experienced at evaluating your business or personal finances, so they can both help guide you to the answers you need to move forward with tough decisions.

Sometimes all you need is to brainstorm or ask a simple question about problem-solving a simple business or personal accounting issue. Not everyone needs to hire a full-time bookkeeper to make the decisions needed to figure out or evaluate one's financial situation. Let Peridot's experts answer those looming questions so that you can get back on track with rebuilding and maintaining a safe and secure future.

Think 'Peridot for All' is a program that will help you? Here is the link to go and schedule a quick, 15-minute meeting today.

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