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Pre-Tax Day Tips

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

It's less than 20 days until tax day, an important deadline for more than individual tax returns. Unless you file an extension, individual tax returns, C corp tax returns, and Trust tax returns are due. Also, Annual Reports are due to be filed with the Secretary of State and 1st quarter estimated tax payments are also due.

What to do?

  1. Check-In - Hey, if its been awhile since you've submitted stuff to your accountant, it's okay to check-in on the status of the taxes and the expected ETA (estimated time of arrival).

  2. Break it Up  - You still have time left before you feel rushed.  The best way to tackle projects? Break them down into smaller parts.  Rather than sitting down for several hours, break it up into 45 minute segments throughout the week.  You'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

  3. Don't miss deductions - Why wait until the last minute?  You might be rushed and then not think of deductions you could have taken.

  4. Scammer Alert - Watch the mail and phone of your older loved ones - scammers use this time to take advantage of people.  Be on the alert and warn them also.

  5. Be Patient - The last two weeks, of course, are the busiest. Once you've checked-in then, be patient and then...

  6. Save the Date and Come Unwind with Us at our April 15th Tax Day Client Appreciation Event

From all of us at Peridot Consulting - hang in there!

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