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Strengthen Your Business With Our Business Roundtable Series

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

As a business owner, why should you sign up for Peridot’s Business Roundtable Series? Whether you’ve been in business for a few years or you are a new startup, this series is specifically designed for you, to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to organizing and setting up your core business structure; finance, operations, management and marketing. When formed correctly, these 4 business fundamentals (or your business foundation) are vitally important to maintaining a healthy, successful business and creating a sustainable structure for growth.

“One main goal is to shed light on elements of business you may not be aware of or haven't experienced yet.”

Think about what it takes to build a home. First, getting the foundation solid is critical. When a contractor sets off to build a home, what’s the first thing they have to do? They have to construct a strong, powerful foundation before moving on to the other elements of the home; plumbing, electrical, walls, etc... If your business (or home) structure is not built in a way that is sustainable throughout the years to come, some of those core principles will become ineffective resulting in mistakes that could have been foreseen.

A huge part of owning a business is understanding what it takes to keep all the moving parts organized and structured so that various aspects don’t get lost or out of control. Our hope is that we will help you break down and identify the importance of each structural component directing you down the right path.

Why Business Roundtable?

The purpose of this series is to offer you a broader understanding of your business beyond accounting. Business Roundtable is an intensely strategic, focused series geared toward helping business owners hone in and strengthen the four cornerstones of their business, especially post COVID. Our goal is to help you develop the right path to success. The Business Roundtable Series is 3 days, a total of 12 hours, of guidance, education, and direction for how to avoid making costly mistakes down the road.

Our expert business consultants, John Michael Kledis and Bill Kelley have combined business experience of over 40 years. Part of their core mission with Peridot Consulting is to help other business owners learn from their mistakes, wisdom and vast knowledge of building and maintaining a business in the modern world. Bill and John Michael’s approach to your business is uniquely their own and geared toward helping you avoid common pitfalls in owning a business.

What is Business Roundtable?

John Michael and Bill will help you clearly analyze the structural foundation of your business to figure out where you are falling short and what needs improvement. Everything from leadership, financial matters, standard management to fundamental marketing. The goal is to shed light on elements of business you may not be aware of or haven't experienced yet.

When is the Business Roundtable?

We understand how important time is for you so, the Business Roundtable will be offered multiple times throughout the fall of 2021 giving you ample time to sign up when it fits your schedule. The dates and times will be decided upon our participating member time requests. It's an in-depth series, so you get what you need efficiently because the goal is to also work smarter and not harder.

Series participants will walk away from this series feeling relieved, empowered and fully prepared + supplied with valuable knowledge and a greater awareness of how to stay on track and get it right the first time. So, are you ready to take charge of your business? Sealing the deal on business success! Then, head over to our Roundtable Series page for more details and to get your business signed up!

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