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Tax Filing Statistics: Filings and Refunds 2019

(Better than watching the weather report..)

Did you know you can see up to date tax filing stats on the IRS website? You can see cumulative filing reports and comparisons to the same period a year before.

Tax Filings: As of March 22, 2019:

  • Over 84 million Individual Tax Teturns have been received.

  • 81.5 million tax returns have been processed.

  • Out of those who e-file (almost 79 million), 37.3 million brave people do it themselves while 41.9 million were filed by tax professionals.

Refunds: As of March 22, 2019:

  • The IRS has issued refunds to 65.8 million tax filers (were you one?)

  • Total amount refunded to date is $191.894 BILLION

  • The average refund amount: $2,915

For more interesting numbers like these (by year), visit

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