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Welcome to Peridot Consulting, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Quickbooks & Bookkeeping with Peridot Consulting

We are pleased you are here and look forward to working with you. Before we move further, we need to know more about your specific situation. Please take the time to read through and answer the following questions to the fullest of your ability.

Before you begin, please review the following information so you know for sure you're in the place and what to expect.
What's included?

Before you contact us, please review the below bookkeeping services we do provide to our Quickbooks clients:

  • We reconcile accounts to the bank and credit card statements

  • We will post transactions

  • We will organize your financials

  • We fully review transactions and ensure proper financial statement presentation

  • Consultations. An added plus of getting expert accountants with 40+ years of experience

  • We will communicate with you our findings

What's NOT Included?

Before you begin, also please review the services below that Peridot Consulting Bookkeeping does NOT Include:

  • No company invoicing

  • No accounts payable

  • No accounts receivable

  • No onsite visits

Billing and Client Onboarding Information
  • We do charge an onboarding fee in the range of $250 - $500. This is a one time charge that will allow us to set up all of your accounts.

  • Your retainer or monthly minimum is a monthly fee of $250. Depending on the amount of work we do for you month-to-month, this fee may go over the $250 threshold.

  • We do require your monthly fee be set up as an ACH, which is an automatic withdrawl from your bank account of choice.


Disclaimer: We do require you to sign an Engagement Letter.

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