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About the Business Roundtables

Improve your leadership, your understanding and your results with this series of Business Roundtables.
6 Part Series

Refresh and renew what you know about:

  • Business, Finance and Accounting

  • Management & Operations

  • Marketing & Sales

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Want to participate in a 6-Part Roundtable Series?

Join business owners, upper management and leaders in a 6 part series of in-depth roundtable discussions limited to 7 participants.

The Business Roundtables are offered in two formats: Monthly (6 months) or in a 6 week intensive program.

The 6 Part Series Covers:

  • Figuring out Your Why, Mission and Vision

  • Innovation & How to Find It

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Management & Operations

  • Recap and Implementation

Roundtable Format

Following each expert-led presentation, group participants share their own real-time experiences and gather input.  Each series is moderated and led by professionals, Bill Kelley, CHS, CPO and John Michael Kledis, EA, CFE, CVA. The small group format provides focused feedback with real solutions each participant can quickly implement in his or her own business environment.

Roundtable Discussion Topics & Issues:

(These are not all-inclusive topics. Each session's topics are catered specifically to the participant's needs.)

Human Capital: Management & Operational Development

  • Identifying your who/what/where/why/when

  • Strategically Developing Human Capital: Developing Leaders vs. Managers

  • Turnaround: How to turn around a failing business, failing campaign or failing plan before it's too late

  • Organizations don't plan to fail but fail to plan: Business Plan Review & Renewal

Finance & Accounting

  • Understanding business expenses - fixed vs. variable

  • Budgeting for your business

  • Financial Statement analysis

  • Productivity and flowchart of processes

  • Breakeven Analysis


  • What is it? How to find it?

  • Harboring Curiosity

  • Setting up Innovation System



  • Strategies vs. tactics

  • SWOT Analysis - why and for what?

  • Target Audience vs. Target Market

  • What is a brand and developing your brand

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Breakout from Competitive Set with Value Innovation

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"Ann and I found the Peridot Business group to be a very enriching experience for our new company.  We were able to focus and fine-tune our vision in our partnership as well as connect with future business associates who have helped us with financial, marketing, and management advice.  The best part was Shari g this experience with other businesses in the area from whom we could grow ideas and collaborate within the process.  I highly recommend John Michael and Bill as facilitators and advisors."


Ann Smith & Kim Turpin, Founders

Leap Frog Tours, Waynesville, NC  

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