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Peridot Tax Services

For Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships, and Trusts/Estates

Peridot Consulting, Inc has a combined 40+ years of combined experience in the following:

  • Dedicated Tax Preparation
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Tax Representation
  • Tax Resolutions
  • Estate & Trust Accounting
  • Corporate Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Nonprofit Tax Services
  • Tax Consulting

What's the difference?

Tax Planning

You may be asking for tax preparation but what you really want is tax planning. Tax planning is an ongoing conversation between you and your accountant.

Here are some concepts to consider:

  • Takes place before you file your taxes 

  • Long and short-term planning catered to your specific situation

  • Establishing long and short-term goals

  • Establishing optimal plans

  • Continuous engagement and updates

  • Awareness of your situation

  • Developing strategies by an understanding and awareness about how each entity is taxed and how it affects the owners

  • Corporate structure

  • Estate planning

  • Entity selection

Tax planning requires research and an understanding of your current financial situation and future goals in order to make helpful recommendations.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is when a preparer takes your recent financial information in order to file your return while meeting any applicable laws. 

They can help make sure you also take advantage of any credits or deductions that you are eligible for, especially if tax laws have recently changed.

  • Transactional with the IRS and State Dept. of Revenue and local agencies

  • Translation of documents into a tax return

  • Very tax return output driven

Tax prep requires updating any recent life changes, such as a change in household size or job change, a professional can take some of the confusion out of the picture.

TAX Representation & Resolution 

In addition to representing you before the state, we can also provide direct tax representation and resolution before the IRS.  John Michael Kledis is a designated Enrolled Agent, the highest designation given by the IRS, a federal designation allowing direct representation to the IRS.

Who Do We Work With?
From consulting and real estate professionals to breweries, tour companies, musicians, restaurants, medical professionals and nonprofits - basically, any business type.
We work with each client's unique needs by developing a business partner relationship that caters to their specific concerns.
Our client's cloud-based tools include:
  • Free online cloud storage
  • Highly Secure Client Portal
  • On-demand documents
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